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Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

The spiral in Shaftless Spiral Conveyor is made of one or more steel bars without a center shaft. The spiral is lying on the wear liners made of steel bars or wear resistant plastic at the bottom of the trough. This construction without a center shaft makes it possible to manufacture very long conveyors. The longest one made so far is approximately 62 meters long in horizontal position.

Vibratory Separator

Different sized particles are separated from each other in Vibratory Separators (also called Sifters) by using a vibrating motion. Vibratory Separator can be used for screening dry powder or granular products as well as wet products and liquids. Vibratory Separator is also often called as a vibrating sieve.

Pressure Filter

Pressure Filter is normally used in industrial filtration applications for handling waste water, raw water, process water in recirculation system and filtering different kind of slurries. CTF-pressure filters have automatic mechanical cleaning system. Filters are used a lot for filtering coating and filler pigment slurries in paper industry and also filtering liquid paints in paint industry.

Screw Press

Screw Press is designed for handling and compacting a variety of industrial rejects and fibrous waste. Screw Press is also called as a compactor. The most common use is in agriculture removing liquid from manure.

Screening elements and filter media

In our own production we manufacture production pretensioned screens and so called rescreening services, especially for our own Vibratory Separators. We also supply screen elements for other separator brands and serve some OEM companies. The majority of mesh material used is woven stainless and acid-resistant steel mesh, but also woven plastic/synthetic mesh in some applications. We also manufacture some polyurethane screen types.

BFM® Flexible Fitting

The new standard of industrial fittings. Simpler to use. Easier to clean. More secure. The BFM® Flexible Fittings have a superior durability compared to traditional fittings.