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Shower systems

Cleaning equipment for pulp and paper industry.
The need to clean wires and felts has escalated in recent years because of the increased use of recycled paper. The widespread use of closed circuit white water systems and the need to lenghten thelife of the wires and felts has increased the demand for efficiency on wire and felt cleaning systems.

Parts of the Shower system

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Dandy Roll Systems

We supply spare parts and upgrades of all existing NEF Dandy Roll Systems, including bellows, internal cleaning system. For new manufactured systems we work together with Rai Tillieres.

The body of the dandy roll is hand welded for maximum strength and durability. The unique design makes the body open for optimum cleaning.
The NEF dandy roll has full accessibility of internal and external cleaning components. Quicck release couplings on all connections permit rapid dandy roll changes.

Drop Collectors

AB NEF have developed a more effective technique to eliminate water splash, drops and mist problems that might occur when running a Dandy roll in a papermachine.

Pressure former

Pressure former for multiply board

Cylinder mould

For a uniform and a high board quality, the entire cylinder is made of acid resistant stainless steel.
The design is based on individual computer calculations to ensure the structual strength to stand high linear loads. The cylinder mould is suitable for machine speed up to 300 mpm.

Couch roll / Forming roll

To satisfy all conceivable demands on openness and strength and continous self cleaning. A proven design with capacity to accept large amounts of water and air in the forming zone or in press nip. The entire cylinder is manufactured in acid resistant stainless steel. Cloth covering in metallic or synthetic material. The roll is dynamically balanced.


Felt- and wire guide type FWG10
Felt wire guide type FWG20

Suction boxes

Rope stretchers

Rope wheels